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Please, download and try the add-on before buying. Evaluation period is 14 days.

Add-on for NinjaTrader 7 Trading Platform.

dt DOM Bricks Catcher


Depth of Market also known as Level II or Order Book is a specific market data that provides information on the number of limit orders (available static liquidity) at different price levels.

Bid price is the price at which buyers are willing to purchase the product (futures contracts or securities).
Ask (Offer) price is the price at which sellers are willing to sell the product.
Best-Bid-Offer (BBO) or Level I represents the lowest ask and highest bid available at the time.

Depth of Market illustration

DOM Bricks Catcher is a simple, fast and handy tool that continuously scans the DOM for big limit orders and places detected orders on the price chart.

An actual depth of Level II price levels seen by NinjaTrader and the indicator may vary widely depending on the data vendor and traded instrument (futures contract). For example, it may be provided more than 100 levels of depth for E-Mini S&P futures, while for some other futures it may only be available just 10 levels of depth, so the scan region amounts to the ten bid price levels and ten ask price levels nearest to the current price.


Main Parameters

Audio Alerts

It is possible to use separate wav audio files as alerts for different conditions: on which side a big order appeared, bid or offer, and how close to the current price it was detected.

Click to get Open File dialog window Sample wav files can be found here.
You can specify absolute path to your wav file using Open File dialog window.

Notice also, a wav file specified by filename only (without full path) will be sought in the following folders:
• 1. Your "Documents\NinjaTrader 7\bin\Custom\"
• 2. "c:\Program Files (x86)\NinjaTrader 7\sounds\"

Audio Alerts settings explanation

Handy Drop-Down Button

First of all, by using the toolbar button you can hide temporarily all the markers drawn on the chart. Click on the "Bricks" toolbar button to toggle the visibility of on-chart markers.

Click on the drop down arrow of the "Bricks" button to get a drop-down menu that provides quick access to additional “on-the-fly” filter and other functionality.
Drop-down menu

Force Chart Refresh — If checked then the chart will be refreshed each time as new Big Size (aka Brick) is found out in the DOM.

The forcing may be recommended to use if you trade a non-liquid instrument where trades occurs not so often and even price (best bid-offer level) can move without any trading activity.

Clear All Bricks — Purges all “Brick” markers gathered during trading time.


If you are new to NinjaTrader please watch these two short videos on how to download and install add-ons:
Part I — How to install an indicator in NinjaTrader.
Part II — Purchasing and license generation.

1. Download the .zip archive with the NinjaScript assembly (see the link at the foot of the page).

2. Run your NinjaTrader trading platform, go to the “File→Utilities” menu and choose “Import NinjaScript…”.
Import NinjaScript

3. Select downloaded .zip archive and click “Open”.
Then if the installation was correct you will see the success message.
Install success

After that you can add installed indicator to your chart.
Adding the indicator

If you want to uninstall add-on, please use “Remove NinjaScript Assembly…” item of the “File→Utilities” menu.

Please, download and try the add-on before buying. Evaluation period is 14 days.

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