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Levels Visualizer NT8   download

Add-on for NinjaTrader 8 Trading Platform.

Planned Levels Visualizer is a little, easy to use and free tool for NinjaTrader 8 used for displaying of price level stripes on price chart. It is aimed to help any discretionary trader to save some time that is usually being spent on manual drawing stripes of levels.

Price levels definition in text file

Example of the descriptive text file.

The indicator uses plain text file that contains specified price levels data. Rules of drawing up of such text file is quite simple:

  1. At first, you have to specify the date (using date format appropriate to your regional settings) for which these levels are.
  2. At the following lines you should specify the data of price levels as follows:

    PRICE1 PRICE2 @Opacity #Color "Text Label" // Commentary

  3. You should use either tab or space as the field separator.
  4. PRICE1 and PRICE2 are the top and bottom (in any order) boundaries of the price level stripe.
  5. You can explicitly set the opacity for the level stripe by using '@' prefix. For example: @100 means maximum degree of opacity, @50 defines semitransparent stripe.
  6. Use '#' prefix to specify custom color for the level stripe. Named, hexadecimal and decimal color values are allowed. Examples: #Blue, #0010FF, #0,10,255.
  7. If you want to assign a text label to the level put that text in quotation: "Text label".
  8. In addition, you can type in any commentaries that start with the double slash “//”.
  9. All fields are optional. The default color and opacity values will be used when omitting '@' and '#' fields.
  10. The order of the fields is irrelevant. But commentaries must always be at the end.

Price levels definition in text file

In your descriptive text file you are free to outline in any order as many days with corresponding levels as you wish.

Besides, you can use on-the-fly “Hide/Show” button to hide stripes in case of need.

Demo video (old version that has slightly different rules is used in the video!):

(this video on YouTube)

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