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Inter-Sessional Average NT8   download

Please, download and try the add-on before buying. Evaluation period is 12 days.

Add-on for NinjaTrader 8 Trading Platform.

DT Inter-Sessional Average

Inter-Sessional Average (ISA) is used to display the relation between current value and averaged over sessions value of specified metric (volume, range, an indicator's output,…). For example, using the indicator you can compare the current Volume at the time of the day with the Average Volume (average over sessions) at the same time of the day.

Additionaly, ISA is able to draw the projection of computed average curve to the future bars.

Important!: Inter-Sessional Average indicator works only on intraday Minute-based charts (as in 5-Min or 15-Min, …).

Use Minute-based period type

Illustration of inter-sessional averaging (averaging over trading sessions):

Illustration of Inter-Sessional Averaging


Specify Input Metric

Use 'Data' → 'Input series' parameter to specify input metric. Thus the output of an indicator can be used as input for Inter-Sessional Average indicator.

For example, you can use Volume as input metric:
Set Volume as Input

Using Smoothed Volume (VOLMA20) as Input:
Set Smoothed Volume (VOLMA20) as Input

Using Average True Range (ATR14) as Input:
Set Average Range (ATR14) as Input

In this way you can use the output of any simple indicator as input for Inter-Sessional Average indicator.


1. Num of sessions for averaging — the main parameter — sets the number of trading sessions (days) used for calculations of inter-sessional average.

2. Print current values — enables the printing of current input value and current inter-sessional average value at the right side of the chart
Printed Values

3. Numeric format — defines the number of figures placed to the right of a decimal point (e.g. type in "0" if you do not wish decimal fraction to be printed, or type in "0.0000" if you wish 4-flace decimal fraction).

Projection of Average Curve

The settings of this section affect only the appearance of the projection curve to future bars.
Progection curve appearance

You may want to set a constant right margin from the right side of the chart:
Right side margin


Use the settings in the common 'Plots' section to adjust the appearance of historical Input and Inter-Sessional Average graphs.
Historical Plots appearance


If you are new to NinjaTrader please watch these two short videos on how to download and install add-ons:
Part I — How to install an indicator in NinjaTrader.
Part II — Purchasing and license generation.

1. Download the .zip archive with the NinjaScript assembly (see the link at the foot of the page).

2. Run your NinjaTrader trading platform, go to the “File→Utilities” menu and choose “Import NinjaScript…”.
Import NinjaScript

3. Select downloaded .zip archive and click “Open”.
Then if the installation was correct you will see the success message.
Install success

After that you can add installed indicator to your chart.
Adding the indicator

If you want to uninstall add-on, please use “Remove NinjaScript Assembly…” item of the “File→Utilities” menu.

Please, download and try the add-on before buying. Evaluation period is 12 days.

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